Friday, May 8, 2009

"Sly Cooper 4" hinted in "inFAMOUS"!!

I was looking at the Sucker Punch forums for "inFAMOUS", & I noticed that someone posted a link to two screen shots from "inFAMOUS", depicting a "now playing" sign on a movie theater in the game. If you look at the titles on there, you'll notice.... "SLY COOPER 4"!!

It's great to see that they might be making "SLY 4" after "inFAMOUS", even though I think that they should make a few more original games after "inFAMOUS" before "SLY 4". But still, it's great to see that they may be returning to the Sly Cooper franchise sooner than we all thought.

This is "The G-MAN" signing out!

Friday, April 17, 2009

"inFAMOUS" gets a new release date!

You probably know about this, but I decided to mention this on My blog, because I have nothing else to do.

Apparently, "inFAMOUS" has gotten a new release date. But instead of being delayed, it's being pushed up! It was originally going to be released some time in mid-to-late June, but now it's going to be released on May 26th. This might be because of "Prototype" (or how I like to call it, "Crapotype"!). This is good, because normally, when two products that are very similar come out around the same time (not exactly the same time), the main stream media will green light which ever one comes out first. Most of the time, I find that very unfortunate, but in this case, I'm glad "Crapotype" is (probably) going to be rejected by the main stream media.

IN CLOSING: It's rare when a video game actually gets pushed up instead of being pushed back. That's about it.

This is "The G-MAN" signing out!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pre-order "inFAMOUS"!

I just found out that if You go to Game Stop, You can pre-order
"inFAMOUS". Why pre-order when You can just wait? Because if You pre-order it, You'll get an exclusive super power, shock blades (I doubt they're called that, but I didn't catch the name). Remember, if You pre-order, You'll get an exclusive power.

This is "The G-MAN" signing out!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Top 10 reasons to buy "inFAMOUS"

Recently, I saw a video called "Top 10 reasons to buy PROTOTYPE". It was a bland video, & it felt like some 12-year-old from You tube made it.
But anyway, I decided: "I wanna make Top 10 reasons to buy inFAMOUS". Unfortunately, My iMovie doesn't work, so I had to do the list in text. Sorry about that. But, still, let Me show You The Top Ten Reasons To Buy "inFAMOUS"!


Enough said. People keep telling Me: "Lightning is boring". I mean, come on! Look at those screen shots! And if You tell Me that those look boring, You're either lying, stupid, or a stock up X-BOX 360 fan boy (maybe all three)!

9: Post Apocalyptic Setting

This is, with no doubt, a serious step-up for Sucker Punch. From what I've seen, it's very likely going to be rated "M 17+".

8: Urban Exploration

If You've done some research into the story (unlike COUNTLESS 360 fan boys!!!!), You should know that the main character (Cole McGrath) is an urban explorer in his spare time. So, this means he's extremely agile.

7: Climbing

Much like "The Sly Cooper" series, this game seems to have a strong emphasis on climbing. The climbing actually looks fun. That's how I like My super hero games. I love jumping rooftop-to-rooftop!

6: Epic Scale

The more they show off this game, the more it looks aw inspiring! It just looks massive!

5: Go Good... or Evil... or a Little bit of Both

From what I've seen, this actually looks like the first game ever to make the transition from good (or evil) convincing.

4: Compelling Story

It's interesting having the main character being the cause of the madness in the game, & then leaving it up to the player clean it all up. Thankfully, Sucker Punch is keeping it quiet, & leaving more mystery in the game.

3: Larger than life villains

(Sorry for not getting screen shots of the real main villains) Thankfully, the villains I've seen seem pretty memorable & iconic. Which is good, because that's what Sucker Punch wants.

2: Karma

Though I don't believe in karma, I think it's interesting how Sucker Punch is handling the "karma system" as they call it. It's cool how if You're a super hero, the city will help You out, & if You're a super villain, the whole city will gang up & attack You.

1: It makes You feel like a super hero!

It very interesting how the powers evolve, how You can't touch water (or You'll die), how going into a blacked out area will leave You powerless. It just looks awesome!

OVER ALL: I think "inFAMOUS" is going to be one of the greatest super hero games ever made. If not, THE greatest super hero game ever made!

This is "The G-MAN" signing out!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"inFAMOUS" Updates

NO! I'm NOT talking about "Prototype" today! I'm talking about some recent updates on "inFAMOUS"!

Recently, IGN has posted up some awesome new screen shots of "Evil Cole" from "inFAMOUS".

Obviously, this is when he chooses the evil route in the game.

Also, Sucker Punch Productions have recently created a Twitter account. Here's the link.

Lastly, here's some great new videos from IGN.

IN CLOSING: The game looked Amazing ("amazing" with a capital "A"!) when it was first announced back in 2007, but with every new video (& screen shot), it just looks AMAZING ("amazing" in all caps!!!) !!!! A lot of people seem to be complaining about how in the "karma moments" trailer, they don't like it when Cole stops & points out a possible strategy. Although, I don't think the game will do that all the time I think it'll only do that in tutorial missions. I can't wait! All I need now is a PS3.

This is "The G-MAN" signing out!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"inFAMOUS vs Pototype" Mail Bag

Okay, when I wrote the "inFAMOUS is NOT a Prototype rip-off" article, I knew there would be some controversy. I saw it coming several continents away. I mean, even if I defended "Prototype" there would be a flame war. But seriously, I never thought I would witness such stupidity in My life! If You haven't read the article, read that first, then read this, because I make a couple of references to stuff I said. I don't want to show You all of the e-mails, but I'll just show the STUPIDEST ones. Don't expect seeing names here, because ALL the e-mails I got were from anonymous users (cowards! Face Me like REAL men & leave Your user names next time!).

Here's the first e-mail I got:

"Bias towards the PS3 much? I used to like "G-Man's Reviews", but because You like Sony games & not Microsoft, I'm not reading You're stuff any more! I thought G-MAN gave honest reviews!"
-Anonymous User

My response: Hey, moron! I happen to like a few games for the 360! The only reason I hate it is because of 360 boys (like the idiots who have been sending Me e-mail) keep bashing on something that ISN'T for the X-BOX 360! It's just childish! Get over it! And also, it's really stupid to stop reading a critic's blog just because the critic said something that You disagree with!

Here's the ONLY comment I got on the article.

"Dude, You're a douche bag. Why does everything have to be a copy cat? Go f*** Your self, You stock up PS3 fan boy!"

-Anonymous user

My response: Dude, You're an obnoxious -X Box 360- fan boy- douche bag! That comment shows that You didn't read the article all the way through! I said "IF either one of these games is a rip off". "IF" implies that there's a possibility that "Prototype" MIGHT be a rip off, but it still implies the possibility that it's not! Also, if i were a fan boy, I would NEVER admit to liking an X Box 360 game, "Crackdown". I also used "HALO" as a good example for the "less is more" factor of "inFAMOUS". I thought that would make X Box 360 fan boys happy to hear Me talking, in a good way, about an X Box game, but apparently that wasn't the case here. It's also VERY hypocritical to say "Why does everything have to be a copy cat?", implying that You're against saying that some thing's a copy cat, but Your attitude suggests that You think "inFAMOUS" is a rip off! This is why I recently made it a rule that You have to be a member of the blog to comment, because I HATE it when anonymous users leave stupid comments. I would have kept that comment on the article, but it's uncensored, & I don't like the use of "R-rated" language on My blogs.

Next e-mail.

"Why are talking about these games? I mean, there's a war in the middle east, the stock market is going down the toilet, & You're talking about why one super hero game is better than the other. I'm looking forward to "inFAMOUS" & all, but come on, neither games come out until June! Live in the present already!"

-Anonymous User

My Response: Okay, it's great to hear that You're supporting the superior product, but what was the point in that "there's a war, the stock market's terrible, live in the present" bull crap?!? Why should I talk about that on a Sly Cooper fan blog? Also, that thing You said about neither games are coming out until June, so I need to "live in the present" is stupid! It's one thing to say "live in the present" to someone who's always talking about the past, but it's idiotic to say that to someone when they're looking forward to something. You see, unlike who ever sent Me that e-mail, I'm NOT a hippie!

Yet again ANOTHER anonymous user!

"Prototype is better than s***FAMOUS! While the powers in Prototype suck, it's great because of the jumping. It makes You feel good jumping around! s***FAMOUS is gay!"

-Anonymous User

My Response: Who ever said that is obviously a teenager, because only 15 year olds use "gay" as an insult! Also, saying that the game's powers suck shows that even the fans think it sucks, because if it's a super hero game, the BEST thing about the game has to be the powers! "inFAMOUS" is looking more realistic, & looks like the first super hero game EVER to make You feel like the hero.

Okay, I'm going to save the pain & show You one last e-mail. But I'm warning You, the idiocy in this comment has a 99.99 % chance of making You laugh Your ass off.

"Dud, ur a douce bage! Ur gust a PS3 fan bowie! If its 4 PS3 it sux ignring qualoty! Im a 360 fan bowie & I dont hav a berning desir to sexally mollest Bille Gats lyk U sad in Ur artacle!"

- Anonymous user

My Response: What's a "fan bowie"?!? I know what a fan boy is, but what's a fan bowie? Is it a David Bowie fan boy? I like David Bowie & all, but I don't think I like him enough to be called a "fan", let alone a "fan bowie"! You know what, I'm going to stop criticizing the spelling on this thing, other wise I'll be talking about this for months. How come a lot of these flame comments start with: "Dude, You're a douche bag"? Can't they come up with something else? Also, this "if it's for PS3 it sucks ignoring quality" crap is ridicules. Another thing, why is X Box 360 & Wii better? Is it because they're white & the PS3 is black? Are You racist?!? Okay, I'm just joking, but PS3 is still the higher quality product. And also, sense when did I say ANYTHING about X Box 360 fan boys wanting to sexually molest Bill Gates? I did say 360 fan boys have a crush on Master chief, but I don't recall saying anything specific about Bill Gates.

IN CLOSING: This is just proof of why X Box 360 fan boys are the worse type of fan boys. I know these were all "anonymous users", but the e-mails didn't leave signatures, & I didn't want to put they're e-mail addresses, because I'm pretty sure could get arrested for that. I kind of find it strange that My "Stephen king vs Stephanie Meyer" article on main blog, "G-Man's Reviews", didn't seem to gain ANY controversy, while a seamanly smaller subject on a smaller blog did get a controversy.
So what did we all learn today? X Box 360 fan boys are stupid, retarded, engrish infesting & childish!

This is "The G-MAN" signing out!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My thoughts on the requested "Sly Cooper" TV show ( or movie)

For the past few months I've been reading articles & petitions for a "Sly Cooper" TV show and/or movie. Here's My thoughts on the subject.

I, honestly, think it could make a great TV show. The characters, the locations & the art design offer a LOT for animation studios ( just hope 4kids doesn't get the rights). Who do I think should do the show? I think kids WB should do it. They have already done some great cartoon shows, such as "spider man", "X men" & "X men: Evolution" ( actually, I think "X men: Evolution" was the last time cartoons were ever good) . They have good writing, they adapt the source material VERY well, they get pretty good voice actors, & a have great animation.

How do I think the show should be like, though? I think the show should start with Sly's parents getting killed, the Thievius Raccoonus getting stolen, & Sly being sent to the orphanage where he meat Bentley & Murray. The show should also chronicle everything, from Sly's very first heist, to right before, the inevitable, "Sly 4". Each episode would be 45 minutes (not including commercials), and would involve the gang pulling off one big, Hollywood style, heist.

Now, what are My thoughts on the movie? I kind of have mixed feelings towards the idea. While the games have true potential to lend it's self to a movie, the chances of Hollywood destroying any possibility of it being good, only to make it just like every other bland animated film out there, is undeniable. Also, a 90-120 minute film versus a full TV show, which can create a larger character mythology, is loosing battle for the film. But at the same time, like I said, the games have true potential to lend it's self to a movie, so it could turn out well. But if they do make a movie, who do I think should direct it? MMEEEE!! Really, I'm serious. I've been keeping track of the games ( and spin-off comic books), I've been paying close attention the progress of the inevitable "Sly 4", I've become an expert on the characters, AND I've started a blog devoted to the "Sly" games. There's no doubt I could do a great screenplay adaptation!!

In closing: So, yeah, a TV show could be great, in the right hands though. Same goes for the movie, but that also must be in the right hands to translate well (by "right hands", I mean "ME"!!). Also, I would like to show You exactly HOW 4kids would ruin "Sly Cooper" if they got the series rights, thanks for the video KokoroDM!

I hope You enjoyed My article, goodbye!!