Friday, April 17, 2009

"inFAMOUS" gets a new release date!

You probably know about this, but I decided to mention this on My blog, because I have nothing else to do.

Apparently, "inFAMOUS" has gotten a new release date. But instead of being delayed, it's being pushed up! It was originally going to be released some time in mid-to-late June, but now it's going to be released on May 26th. This might be because of "Prototype" (or how I like to call it, "Crapotype"!). This is good, because normally, when two products that are very similar come out around the same time (not exactly the same time), the main stream media will green light which ever one comes out first. Most of the time, I find that very unfortunate, but in this case, I'm glad "Crapotype" is (probably) going to be rejected by the main stream media.

IN CLOSING: It's rare when a video game actually gets pushed up instead of being pushed back. That's about it.

This is "The G-MAN" signing out!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pre-order "inFAMOUS"!

I just found out that if You go to Game Stop, You can pre-order
"inFAMOUS". Why pre-order when You can just wait? Because if You pre-order it, You'll get an exclusive super power, shock blades (I doubt they're called that, but I didn't catch the name). Remember, if You pre-order, You'll get an exclusive power.

This is "The G-MAN" signing out!