Friday, May 8, 2009

"Sly Cooper 4" hinted in "inFAMOUS"!!

I was looking at the Sucker Punch forums for "inFAMOUS", & I noticed that someone posted a link to two screen shots from "inFAMOUS", depicting a "now playing" sign on a movie theater in the game. If you look at the titles on there, you'll notice.... "SLY COOPER 4"!!

It's great to see that they might be making "SLY 4" after "inFAMOUS", even though I think that they should make a few more original games after "inFAMOUS" before "SLY 4". But still, it's great to see that they may be returning to the Sly Cooper franchise sooner than we all thought.

This is "The G-MAN" signing out!