Sunday, February 8, 2009

My thoughts on the requested "Sly Cooper" TV show ( or movie)

For the past few months I've been reading articles & petitions for a "Sly Cooper" TV show and/or movie. Here's My thoughts on the subject.

I, honestly, think it could make a great TV show. The characters, the locations & the art design offer a LOT for animation studios ( just hope 4kids doesn't get the rights). Who do I think should do the show? I think kids WB should do it. They have already done some great cartoon shows, such as "spider man", "X men" & "X men: Evolution" ( actually, I think "X men: Evolution" was the last time cartoons were ever good) . They have good writing, they adapt the source material VERY well, they get pretty good voice actors, & a have great animation.

How do I think the show should be like, though? I think the show should start with Sly's parents getting killed, the Thievius Raccoonus getting stolen, & Sly being sent to the orphanage where he meat Bentley & Murray. The show should also chronicle everything, from Sly's very first heist, to right before, the inevitable, "Sly 4". Each episode would be 45 minutes (not including commercials), and would involve the gang pulling off one big, Hollywood style, heist.

Now, what are My thoughts on the movie? I kind of have mixed feelings towards the idea. While the games have true potential to lend it's self to a movie, the chances of Hollywood destroying any possibility of it being good, only to make it just like every other bland animated film out there, is undeniable. Also, a 90-120 minute film versus a full TV show, which can create a larger character mythology, is loosing battle for the film. But at the same time, like I said, the games have true potential to lend it's self to a movie, so it could turn out well. But if they do make a movie, who do I think should direct it? MMEEEE!! Really, I'm serious. I've been keeping track of the games ( and spin-off comic books), I've been paying close attention the progress of the inevitable "Sly 4", I've become an expert on the characters, AND I've started a blog devoted to the "Sly" games. There's no doubt I could do a great screenplay adaptation!!

In closing: So, yeah, a TV show could be great, in the right hands though. Same goes for the movie, but that also must be in the right hands to translate well (by "right hands", I mean "ME"!!). Also, I would like to show You exactly HOW 4kids would ruin "Sly Cooper" if they got the series rights, thanks for the video KokoroDM!

I hope You enjoyed My article, goodbye!!




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