Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Top 10 reasons to buy "inFAMOUS"

Recently, I saw a video called "Top 10 reasons to buy PROTOTYPE". It was a bland video, & it felt like some 12-year-old from You tube made it.
But anyway, I decided: "I wanna make Top 10 reasons to buy inFAMOUS". Unfortunately, My iMovie doesn't work, so I had to do the list in text. Sorry about that. But, still, let Me show You The Top Ten Reasons To Buy "inFAMOUS"!


Enough said. People keep telling Me: "Lightning is boring". I mean, come on! Look at those screen shots! And if You tell Me that those look boring, You're either lying, stupid, or a stock up X-BOX 360 fan boy (maybe all three)!

9: Post Apocalyptic Setting

This is, with no doubt, a serious step-up for Sucker Punch. From what I've seen, it's very likely going to be rated "M 17+".

8: Urban Exploration

If You've done some research into the story (unlike COUNTLESS 360 fan boys!!!!), You should know that the main character (Cole McGrath) is an urban explorer in his spare time. So, this means he's extremely agile.

7: Climbing

Much like "The Sly Cooper" series, this game seems to have a strong emphasis on climbing. The climbing actually looks fun. That's how I like My super hero games. I love jumping rooftop-to-rooftop!

6: Epic Scale

The more they show off this game, the more it looks aw inspiring! It just looks massive!

5: Go Good... or Evil... or a Little bit of Both

From what I've seen, this actually looks like the first game ever to make the transition from good (or evil) convincing.

4: Compelling Story

It's interesting having the main character being the cause of the madness in the game, & then leaving it up to the player clean it all up. Thankfully, Sucker Punch is keeping it quiet, & leaving more mystery in the game.

3: Larger than life villains

(Sorry for not getting screen shots of the real main villains) Thankfully, the villains I've seen seem pretty memorable & iconic. Which is good, because that's what Sucker Punch wants.

2: Karma

Though I don't believe in karma, I think it's interesting how Sucker Punch is handling the "karma system" as they call it. It's cool how if You're a super hero, the city will help You out, & if You're a super villain, the whole city will gang up & attack You.

1: It makes You feel like a super hero!

It very interesting how the powers evolve, how You can't touch water (or You'll die), how going into a blacked out area will leave You powerless. It just looks awesome!

OVER ALL: I think "inFAMOUS" is going to be one of the greatest super hero games ever made. If not, THE greatest super hero game ever made!

This is "The G-MAN" signing out!

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